Mystic Magic

The Ground of All Being

January 08, 2022 Season 4 Episode 8
Mystic Magic
The Ground of All Being
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Dr. Amit Goswami (, quantum physicist. He was featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know", "The Dalai Lama Renaissance", "Bigger Questions" and other films. Rev. Celeste studied with him as part of her training at Holmes Institute. He is a scholar in high demand.

His primary point is that consciousness is the ground of all being. The current view of many scientists is that matter makes up everything and humans are material and mechanical. Consciousness is not about the brain. The brain is an object. Consciousness means we are experiencing ourselves as separate from material. Quantum physics shows us that objects are not objects until we observe them. They are waves of possibility. 

Dr. Goswami was dissatisfied with the way we did science.  Science cannot be devoid of our experiences of love, beauty and justice.  Life is more than what can be predicted or controlled. Science can help create technology, but we don't live in technology. Physics is the fundamental science of everything. Since consciousness is the ground of both science and religion, people from all religions say that consciousness is where we must begin. Quantum science must support this because there are unsolved paradoxes and measurement paradoxes that do not occur in the brain.  Science has lost credibility because of this material dogma. We as observers have an impact on everything (the observer effect).

Consciousness exists in both the head and heart. Due to the non-locality of consciousness, people can directly connect with each other without a signal because of feelings. 

Reincarnation is an important phenomenon in our development. It is important for older people to know they need not be afraid because a part of them will survive. They will be reborn. Death is not the end. Reincarnation happens because of a modification of the quantum mechanics of the person. It is not part of the brain memory. What we learn is not in the brain. Learning is non-local memory. We don't forget how to ride a bicycle because our capacity to learn is not part of the brain. The innate parts of us will survive. This reincarnation theory has been verified. Dr. Goswami and his colleague are holding an event this month to review death and reincarnation.

Death can be very peaceful and joyful. In dying, one can pray and intend to be conscious at the moment of death and peacefully participate in the quantum non-locality. 

Dr. Goswami wrote many books. His more recent books include "Quantum Economics" and "Quantum Spirituality". His book: "Quantum Integrative Medicine" will change the healing profession forever. They have proven integrative medicine can be used to stay healthy. One can have an ageless body. We have to renew the software as we live. Cells die but you can be fully active until you die.

Dr. Goswami has had four moments of mystic magic. One of them was in 1973 at a conference when he was a nuclear physicist. He was a speaker and he was not happy with his speech. He became jealous of the other speakers. Others got the attention and he did not. It did him good because at 1 am he asked himself why do I live this way? I can change. I can make my life congruent. He worked many hours. He desired to find happy physics that took him years to find.

Meditation led him to samadhi. He felt oneness. His view of spirituality underwent a radical change. This led to other discoveries. You can have the experience of a quantum leap of insight, but you have to implement the insight into your life.  This was the most fruitful insight he ever had.  

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: "The Ground of All Being".

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