Mystic Magic

A New Dimension

November 17, 2021 Season 4 Episode 4
Mystic Magic
A New Dimension
Show Notes

Reverend SharRon E. Jamison does not believe in "plantation theology". She was taught to fear God, but she now believes that God is a God of Wisdom and Love (

She is an Associate Minister with her pastor, Dr. Kenneth L. Samuels in Georgia. SharRon seeks to support people of color who are women-identifying.  She sought to create something that she needed in her young adult years: a place where they understand what it means to be a Black woman-identifying person in America. She needed to reconcile her Christian upbringing. She needed a place that provides support around top performance. She wanted to build a financial empire because to her, money is activism. She knew she had to create that space.

People would come for prayer who were dealing with microaggressions, being invalidated and code-switching, so she started creating coaching services to support those issues. SharRon started "I Dare to Be Me" and "You Can Depend on You" programs. She started doing relationship intensives for straight and gay people. It's hard to be in relationship when you hate yourself. She wanted people to feel that they matter.

SharRon supports people in seeking power partners. The partner has to understand who they are, what keeps them well and whole.  People need to be in alignment and share the same values. A power partner is committed to their physical, emotional and financial health. Otherwise, you don't have a partner, you have a parasite. You must bring more than an appetite to the relationship table. I can love you but not want to do life with you.

SharRon seeks to empower women with education (to learn, unlearn and relearn who you are), including I-sight (learning how you are wired, how you win) and understanding the constructs (racism, sexism, etc.), that cause trauma and inform how we see ourselves. There is cleansing and clearing to understand and heal our wounds. Our private pain ends up in public places. This takes forgiveness. There is a residue, an accumulation of failure.

She referenced Bell Hooks' quote (bell hooks - Wikipedia) about facing exhaustion when seeking to answer your calling. She spoke to community and collective wisdom. As racialized people, we were taught to distrust each other, police each other and not to honor ourselves. Women need to learn how to be compassionate with ourselves and connect with each other, to disagree without disconnecting. Elevation is about rising in who you are. You are taught how to make decisions in the midst of rejection and ridicule. The courses have strategies for peace, pleasure and self-liberation and not settle for the life you learned to live.

SharRon learned that she was playing small. She learned to find her invisible prisons. She was so scared of going to hell, she was living in hell on Earth. She was in the cage of conformity, the straight jacket of the status quo. She now lives in the AND (Another New Dimension).

A preacher's kid, SharRon learned to navigate by faking, lying and suffering. She lived in duplicity. It was anxiety-provoking. She became estranged to her family. She came to know it is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not.

She had many mystical moments like when her father was ordained, when she's teaching, when she found God in a mosque, when her son graduated, and when she was ordained. Those pivotal times were not only mental connections or emotional connections, but in her body.

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