Mystic Magic

Be Love

November 10, 2021 Season 4 Episode 3
Mystic Magic
Be Love
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Leadership Development Coach, DEI Facilitator, Author, Workshop Presenter and Coach, Glodean Champion ( She helps her clients to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Glodean's book is entitled "Salmon Croquettes". It is a novel about a 12-year old girl navigating through her sexuality. Glodean holds book readings where she also cooks a salmon croquettes meal! She does this as an homage to her mother who made them weekly.

Ms. Champion became an educator after a career in mid-management corporate environments. She went where Spirit led her, and she loves teaching. After George Floyd died, she was led to do something to help. She knew she could give love, be love and teach love. She would tell people in Monterey that she loves them and paying forward in restaurants. After encouraging people to love themselves, she realized that she needs to love herself.

The personal development work came from looking inward and being able to protect and take better care of herself. She knew she wasn't alone in giving to others while forgetting who we are. She started posting on social media and people would ask how. She realized that she should do the work. The personal development work and the DEI work became her focus in the last few months. She has been building her coaching work and attracting many more clients.

Glodean grew up in the church but found that the people who were telling her to do things were hypocrites. She finally found Rev. Joan Steadman ( in the 90's at Oakland Center for Spiritual Living and had a transformational moment. It made sense to her and made a big change in the way she moved through the world.

Glodean is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. Six Sigma is a quality and process improvement methodology. It eliminates variation and therefore defects. In Lean Six Sigma, the objective is to eliminate waste. Glodean pays attention to the people and not just the process.  She was chosen to do the work because she had good relationships and got things done. Glodean supports management in trusting people and empowering them. It moves people from "me" thinkers to "we" thinkers. Pete, who trained her, was truly a leader because he didn't make her feel bad for making a mistake. He helped her course correct in a way that was supportive.

Glodean found her birth family this year. Her 16-year old birth parents were in love and allowed her adoptive mother to have her because they knew she was going to love her and take care of her. Her mother was one of 36 single Black women who was able to adopt at that time. (

Glodean shares Love messages on social media platforms. It started with the George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breanna Taylor murders. She felt we give nonsense so much power. When one recognizes Love, they wouldn't act that way. She chooses to help people who are willing, to love.

Her upcoming webinar is DEI Done Differently on November 16th. Get more information about it here: DEI Done Differently | Glodean Champion

Glodean is on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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