Mystic Magic


September 03, 2021 Season 3 Episode 11
Mystic Magic
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Petia Kolibova. She helps women who have been playing it small because of toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma. Her mission is to help women move through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks, so they can do what they want to do, and serve other women in a powerful way.

Petia grew up in the Czech Republic where her father was abusive. She later became suicidal and attempted to take her life because she believed what others told her about who she is.

Louise Hay (www.Louise saved her life because when Petia was 28, she was considering suicide again, but she knew something needed to change. Petia Googled learned how to overcome suicidal thoughts and  her eating disorder. She found Louise Hay's information about affirmations and self-love. She started to listening to her and Joe Dispenza ( and Tony Robbins ( They gave her hope that it can get better.

Petia said the positive affirmations cannot be just words you say. Louise Hay invited her to go to the mirror and say "I love you". She guided her to say "I am willing and open to accept myself." She learned how to use believable affirmations. When one says I'm a millionaire and you can't pay rent, the subconscious mind will say, that's not true. She came to use phrases that she can believe like "I am always taken care of" or "I am always guided". Petia uses affirmations when she is focusing on something. The practice will change our feelings and those feelings will determine the thoughts we have; and that will determine the steps we take and the results we have.

Petia left the corporate world and took her life back. She had an inner feeling that there must be something more and I'm not living it. She felt suffocated and that she was not living her truth. She was always guided. When she didn't listen, she was kicked forward to something better. She believes that God will always leave the bread crumbs for you to follow. She knew she had to be radically honest with herself.

She had too many opinions people didn't like, so she was fired from her job. Her basic bills were not covered. She was at a low point. Petia was left with no money, so she helps women to plan. She started a social media marketing agency with two clients. The Universe guided her along every step of the way. She learned to listen to what feels right and true.

Petia made a shift when she started her spiritual personal development. She was on her knees crying. She knew she didn't want to live like that. She noticed different progressive nudges. She saw how she was treated. She divorced her unfaithful husband. She decided not to settle for a job where she is not appreciated.

Petia always knew she was meant for more. Petia loves doing in-person work. She is moving to Tulum, Mexico and hosting a retreat on 11-11-2021 for men and women with her husband, who coaches men. She works with women one-on-one with their transformations. She has an online mini course called "Unapologetically Worthy" (Mini course ( for those who are not ready to work with a mentor one-on-one. She helps women to build a strong foundation of self-love and worthiness.  She has a course about abundance for people who want to deepen their relationship with money (Manifest Money Effortlessly Freebie (

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Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: "Worthy and Wealthy".

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