Mystic Magic

The Creatrix

August 27, 2021 Season 3 Episode 10
Mystic Magic
The Creatrix
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Dr. Alison Kay, a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and holistic thriving. She is a master mind-body Energy Medicine practitioner, and yoga & meditation teacher for more than 25 years. Dr. Kay founded the Vibrational UPgrade™️ System. She was the host of  Voice America’s Empowerment channel, called Create Your Best Life Ever. 

Dr. Kay is the author of the award-winning book What If There’s Nothing Wrong, and two international best-sellers Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss – Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition and Reasonable Dragons: How to Activate the Field of Possibilities Where Logical Magic Is the New Normal which was an international best-seller within 48-hours of its release. Her fourth international best-seller is also on The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations with a Female Spiritual Teacher for these New Times: 9781950075256: Kay PhD, Alison, Marks, Philip S, Marks, Ginger: Books

Dr. Alison discovered energy connection as a small child in the woods near her home. She allowed the connection to grow. As a teen, she attempted to be a psychology major, but found that the teacher was not teaching people how to become the happiest and most thriving versions of ourselves.

She took her first yoga and personal training classes soon after. She moved to San Francisco and was reading I Ching (The Complete I Ching — 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang: Huang, Taoist Master Alfred: 9781594773860: Books) by the age of 19 and doing Native American Medicine Wheel work soon after. She realized that to become happiest is by approaching it with spirit.

In the ancient wisdom (Maya, Celtic, etc.)  work, she has learned there is resonance - one source beyond them all. She learned directions, honoring tree wisdom, honoring the tobacco plant, honoring plant medicine as representations of the divine and gained a new appreciation for the mystical and how to use it for the benefit of the community and the Earth.

She applies energy medicine in the UPgrade system to cut the mind-body automatic triggers and she extrapolates out the old patterns to develop new neurological pathways for new choices for permanent change. She then uses applied mindfulness using yoga and meditation.

Dr. Alison is affiliated with Buddhism and the Goddess. She has visited the Black Madonna. She trains the teachings of the Goddess. She brings out the power of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to remove old toxicity. She helps women empower themselves.

They discussed the Divine Feminine for a bit.

Some women go out of their body to access the Divine Feminine, but the energy is in the body. When they allow themselves to connect with the womb and solar plexus, the is an energy change in relationships and health.

She doesn't use the title "healer" because she knows there's nothing wrong. Find her at

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