Mystic Magic

The Black Madonna

August 09, 2021 Celeste A Frazier Season 3 Episode 9
Mystic Magic
The Black Madonna
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste discusses the Black Madonna.  This Goddess has revealed Herself in a plethora of ways - including her powerful energy. Some expressions and historical data of this Divine Feminine are discussed in this episode. Her paintings and statues can be found all over the world and date  back to antiquity (Black Madonna - Wikipedia). Her popular expressions are personified through Our Lady of Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe - Wikipedia) and Our Lady of Czestochowa (Black Madonna of Częstochowa - Wikipedia). Her earliest expressions are through African goddesses like Isis (The Black Madonna: Isis and The Magdalene: Book IV of The Five Books of Isis ... - Glenn Bogue - Google Books) and Oshun (Oshun - Wikipedia),

She reveals to us the many dimensions of the Divine Feminine in nature, and as vulnerability, emerging sexuality, biology and our flowering. The Divine Feminine has been reaching out to Rev. Celeste and Her Energy has her attention. The miracles have not only shown up around the world but in her life as well.

Lives have been saved through the Black Madonna as discussed in Allesandro Belloni's book ((12) Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna - YouTube) and experiences. In antiquity, we have Her expressions through Astarte, Ishtar (Ishtar | Goddess, Worship, & Facts | Britannica), the Queen Sheba (Queen of Sheba - Wikipedia) and through the daughter of Jesus, Sarah (Jesus bloodline - Wikipedia), to name a few.

After the resurrection, the story is that Mary of Magdala and Jesus, Joseph of Arithmea, the three Mary's, Jesus' brother and the children of Jesus and Mary of Magdala crossed the Mediterranean Sea to the Rome Delta. Though hidden,  stories from the Cathar region of France ( Bérenger Saunière and the Treasure of Rennes-le-Château in the South of France (  reveal 12 female disciples as well. Little is known about the children of Jesus because people would not accept the humanity of Jesus, preferring to deify him rather than to acknowledge his Divine Power. Gods and goddesses are depicted in present day as superheroes and fiction while the Divine Energy is within us all.

It is said that when the Black Madonnas rise, they will bring back fruit to the tree of life and to Earth. We need that now. When they return, they may not be garbed in an ornate fashion or with a child on the lap, but with the energy of passion and the zest for life. Though she has been distorted in writing, she is deeply connected with the Earth.

Her primeval power will not be repressed and will continue to reincarnate until it is integrated in society.  The Sacred Feminine can be seen in the violent outbursts in nature. We have the mastery and primeval power of the Black Madonna. We can wield the healing presence of her daughter, Sarah (Saint Sarah - Wikipedia) to be beneficial to life on this planet. When we recognize this Power, we can recreate the Earth because she is so intrinsically part of us. 

Listen to the poessay, "Martyr, Bride and Saint" written by Celeste.

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