Mystic Magic

Platinum Butterfly

June 14, 2021 Season 3 Episode 8
Mystic Magic
Platinum Butterfly
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest today is Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards, an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) minister. Rev. D. Jacquelyn served as the senior minister/spiritual director of the First Church of Religious Science - Vallejo. She is an instructor at Holmes Institute (Home - Holmes Institute). She is on the Spiritually Motivated Socially Engaged (SMSE) council as a path to justice and peace.

SMSE is the vocal arm of the Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living (About Us - Centers for Spiritual Living ( Centers for Spiritual Living's vision is to create a world that works for everyone. SMSE encourages the CSL communities to treat (pray) and take action as well to serve that vision.

Rev. D. Jacquelyn is a team member of the Juneteenth Symposium, "Honoring Freedom" ( When she arrived in California, she wasn't aware of Juneteenth (Juneteenth - Wikipedia). "Honoring Freedom" will reveal wisdom through the presenters.  The event takes place on June 18th and 19th. It is a virtual celebration of Freedom and a fundraiser for "Celebrating Our Soul", an all New Thought Conference where all will come together and celebrate the African contribution to these United States. We seek to both heighten the African-American presence in New Thought and share New Thought to people of African Descent. We can bring all of who we are to this New Thought Movement.

The Celebrating Our Soul Conference by People of African Descent will be at Unity Village in Missouri, in August of 2022. Rev. Celeste is a co-chair of the Program Team for this event.

After working in the Civil Rights Movement, D. Jacquelyn knew that business acumen, strong program-based education and skills were necessary, so she studied public administration. Her mother and Rev. Ernie Forks (an early minister at East Bay Church []) taught her about Religious Science. In the book, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" (Bolles, Richard N., Brooks EdD, Katharine: 9781984857866: Books), she noticed ministers, social workers and teachers were in the same corner - service. It was a natural flow for her.

While studying for ministry, D. Jacquelyn's class made an impact that resulted in the establishment of a CSL Diversity Commission.  The class discussion on race was explosive. As a result, in 2011, CSL leadership reformatted the annual conference to include more African-American speakers and an educational component on diversity. D. Jacquelyn presented Shakti Butler's (About | World Trust ( work and some walked out. Nine years later at a minister's conference, Shakti Butler was received as a resounding success.

Rev. Celeste shared what the visioning process is Life Visioning: 9781622030507): Beckwith, Michael: Books.

D. Jacquelyn's ministry is "Platinum Butterfly". Platinum is a strong metal and butterflies travel on the wind. They move through the world with ease and grace. Her ministry includes counseling, helping communities form their vision and mission statements and organizational development. Platinum Butterfly Ministries commits to "pollinating the spiritual core of individuals, groups and corporations."

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