Mystic Magic

Truth and Freedom

June 07, 2021 Season 3 Episode 7
Mystic Magic
Truth and Freedom
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Licensed and Ordained Visionary Leader, Rev. Jerry Hobby. Rev. Jerry is a Speaker and coach, who supports many. She develops vibrant programs that are insightful and grow people. Rev. Jerry teaches life-enhancing principles. Rev. Jerry's ministry is Spiritual Enlightenment and Truth. Jerry believes that we have enlightening experiences daily. The enlightenment is to remember that we are constantly evolving. Her experience was a closure to a happy life.  Sadness followed and the experience ended in a painful way. A question emerged: "What's next?"

Working with Spirit allowed her to open up to something greater, Spiritual Enlightenment and Truth Focus Ministry. Her work was to heal her mind and body. She sat with sacred healers and exercised different modalities. She grounded herself in the teachings of Religious Science. Jerry discovers Spirit by deepening her practice. Over a year and a half, she worked through the experiences in her body through chi gong.

Rev. Jerry is a dedicated member of the planning team for "Honoring Freedom" (, coming up on June 18th and 19th, 2021. Rev. Jerry shared that she is on the team for a couple of reasons. Her ministry is about opening up to greater good. Vested in the vision of being a healing presence for people of African descent, she is on the Celebrating Our Soul planning team, a conference by People of African Descent New Thought Conference.  Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, Hillside, Agape and other New Thought entities are all represented here.  "Celebrating Our Soul "takes place August 11-14, 2022. She is on the visioning team of Celebrating Our Soul. With Rev. Celeste, Rev. Jerry is among the CSL ministers and practitioners who are interested in funding the vision of Celebrating Our Soul came together to co-create "Honoring Freedom". It is a dynamic program that is supportive to anyone who attends. Attendees will receive tools to move through stressors and accumulated trauma. Rev. Jerry wants to know the children will be able to bring their light to the world.

Rev. Jerry is doing spiritual practice during "Honoring Freedom". Spiritual Enlightenment and Truth focus ministry is one of the sponsors of the event. This ministry engages people in spiritual practice. The Powering Peace group meets on a weekly basis. Powering Peace was borne out of the Season for Nonviolence (Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence | AGNT). This ministry also has an app. It is called "The Prayerful Heart" app. You can get this app on Google Play, the Apple store or at

You can download the app to receive prayers or send in your prayer request.
They are ready and willing to pray with you.

On Sundays, they have a program called "The Sunday Power Talk and Prayer". Members of the community are welcome to join them at 7:30 am Pacific Time. There is a quick talk and prayer. There are daily morning meditations. Currently, they are working with a 45-day Ernest Holmes gratitude journal. Everyone can have a mystical moment with Spirit. Rev. Jerry gives an affirmative prayer for truth and freedom.

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem, "Truth and Freedom".

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