Mystic Magic

Better Living

April 19, 2021 Celeste A Frazier Season 3 Episode 6
Mystic Magic
Better Living
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, the president of Universal Foundation for Better Living ( Rev. Sheila succeeded her mentor, the Rev. Mary Tumpkin. Johnnie Colemon (Johnnie Colemon - Wikipedia) founded UFBL. Sheila is the third president of this 40+-year young organization.  Dr. Sheila was invited by Les Brown to attend the Universal Truth Center for Better Living. She heard Mary preach and she knew she had to come back. Mary was studying to become a minister with Johnnie Colemon and Helen Carry (Christ Universal Temple 'living legend' Rev. Dr. Helen Ward Carry dies - ABC7 Chicago). 

Sheila saw what Mary was trying to do and she thought it was so important that she had to help her. Something in Sheila took over and decided to pursue ministry. Sheila was on a different track - as an undercover cop, then a law student, then an attorney.  Mary asked Rev. Sheila to go to Jamaica for six months. Sheila has started her 26th year of ministry.

Mary taught Rev. Sheila the importance of study so that you spoke from the overflow of what you had gleaned. You should be so full of the God Wisdom that it overflows. Always keep the well full with study.

Rev. Sheila is the Senior Minister of the Universal Center of Truth in Jamaica. Jamaica has more churches per capita than any place in the world, and they are not New Thought churches. She sees progression with the seeds she has planted. She is grateful. But this was not the first New Thought ministry in Jamaica. Unity of Jamaica was there. Temple of Light Religious Science, pastored by Rev. Dr. Elma Lumsden was there.

Sheila defied the odds when a doctor told her she had six days to live. Sheila knew the principles could be applied. She used her books, the lessons she learned and she did her spiritual work. She realized that the body is in the Mind and everything took care of itself. Her roommates saw the affirmations in her room and they all went home before her. She realized later that she was there to be a healing influence. She had the faith that whatever happened, she would never be afraid. If you can look death in the face and say you're nothing, everything else is nothing too.

Rev. Sheila hears God saying "Stop listening to everyone else and listen to me."

Sheila McKeithen remains a licensed attorney. Anyone can be a guardian ad litem for a child who is in the court system. The youth she has supported through the guardian ad litem program and the Big Sister program are doing well. Rev. Sheila is working with the schools helping to provide tablets and get support for the kids.

Rev. Sheila's highest vision for New Thought is that we will learn what New Thought is so that we are not apologizing for who we are and how we show up. We are not just a positive thinking movement. The nature of God is good and God is everywhere equally present as that Good! You have to have a core principle from which you work - in order to not be moved by the circumstances of life!

Rev. Sheila's book 12 Steps to Your Healing is available on Amazon (12 Steps to Your Healing (Be Still and Know) (Volume 1): McKeithen, Sheila R.: 9780692309261: Books).

Don't give up! UFBL presents "The 15 Keys to Prosperity" 15 Keys to Prosperity is scheduled for June 25th, 2021 at 6 pm CST. Sign up on the UFBL Facebook and Instagram page.

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