Mystic Magic


September 15, 2020 Celeste A Frazier Season 2 Episode 8
Mystic Magic
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste's guest is Sky Nelson-Isaacs, theoretical physician, composer, author, speaker, composer and musician ( Sky's take on physics is a means to understand the world, the laws of nature and our own lives. His upcoming book is "Leap to Wholeness - How to World is Programmed to Help Us Grow, Heal, and Adapt" ( Sky has observed us seeing what is dividible into smaller parts while missing the entirety of life and wholeness.

Sky yearns for us to be at peace by choosing the lives we want to live and deciding who we want to be. Sky thinks we need to be choosers rather than actors or doers. He sees the need for us integrating rather than separating from each other. 

Sky says we have an opportunity to sit with grief - either about our unfulfilled parts, injustice or death of a loved one. And we can feel the hole then use grief as a transformational tool so that when we see others suffering, we can step outside of our comfort zone.

Celeste spoke to the abundant number of lives lost during this time and job losses. Sky thinks we can be curious and courageous. He tends to look to the natural world for answers. We have problems, frustrations and sadness. But we can use a relational view - as quantum mechanics informs us. While Sky defined the questioner as the witness, Celeste queried further and Sky knew that she was speaking of the Authentic Source of Power.

Sky wants us to make a difference, be engaged and embrace the synergy. He seeks more empathy and less attachment to form. And he may grieve the loss of white men holding the power but is he wants us to integrate with people of color for the sake of equity. He could grieve from the shift of the United States losing its perceived leadership in economics and culture, but he would prefer to welcome something better.

They discussed loss and expansion and how we can move from mental perceptions to grief where images are shattered. Conversations can break down when people are constructing questions in order to get a certain answer. Another option is to have gratitude for each other and be open to each other's views. Vulnerability gives us an opportunity to look for what many of us are unwilling to reveal. Sky wants to know how are you hurt, not how defensive you can be. He wants to be present with all of your layers of personality and be with your core self. He is not interested in the layers of programming and protection.

Celeste inquired about Sky's Zen philosophy that he studied from a very young age. Sky sees the two (physics and Zen) as very similar. Both are abut the ephemeral nature of the world, that which is unspoken. We do a lot of probing of nature.

Music helps Sky feel whole. The piano is like a pen for him. It's familiar and he uses it to express. It brings a synchronicity to him, where he is in flow. Music is a practice for him that is healing and allows for an understanding of himself. 

Quantum mechanics helps us understand the nature of our relationships and interpret the world. Running experiments with possible answers, we are experimenters. 

Flow happens when we lose track of self-consciousness. This is a fuller self expression that brings empathy, helps us heal and align with our inner drive. We can believe in a world that we want. Rev. Celeste said what Sky calls flow, she calls oneness.

Look for Sky's new book, "Leap to Wholeness". Find pre-sales on Amazon, get the e-book or go to the book's website (above). Sky's other book "Living in Flow" is also available for sale ( or go to to get the "Living In Flow" course.

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