Mystic Magic

Come to Be

April 14, 2022 Season 5 Episode 3
Mystic Magic
Come to Be
Show Notes

Rev. Celeste uses John 20: 11 to 17 as a springboard for the backdrop of Mary Magdalene's visit to the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. She is weeping, heartbroken - because Jesus' body was absent. The angels asked why she cries. She said because I don't know where he is. No sooner than she turned around, Jesus was there. But she did not recognize him.

There are many scenarios in which we may not be able to assist our loved ones. The reasons could be that they have an addiction, or a mental challenge, a suicide or a disappearance. Our roles with each other change. We can help facilitate each other's growth or we may become transformed because of their absence.

Our expectations change about others when our relationships change, but more importantly, our expectations of ourselves change. An absence of a partner may facilitate our growth. All of life is a strengthening and evolution. Justice Jackson's confirmation hearings made her stronger. Grace allows us to be more, see more and know more about Who We Are.

We're not always able to see that which we are seeking. Perhaps we cannot recognize a loved one when they change because our perspective is limited. We must either adjust to who they have become or create a new relationship with them. We need to be okay with the change.

There is grief when a loved one dies or when our relationship changes from what it was to something we're not sure about. That does not change our love for them. Weeping indicates a longing for what was. Our relationship with our loved one does not have to end because their time on the planet has ended.

We bless everyone in Ukraine or in any war - a war with disease, a war with vitality, a war with a virus or a weapon of any kind.

Once I am without the need of a body, I'm out of here. My Spirit gets to be wherever it needs to be. I'm not gone.

Relationships are for our transformation. The positions of the angels in the sepulcher show us there is a message for our minds (head) and there is an understanding to be acquired (feet). The head represents the crown. The crown is our connection with Spirit. I get to be present with the Spirit and the understanding. Angels (messengers) remind us of our Christhood.

Beyond religiosity, the Substance of Spirit is eternal. We are eternal beings. Whatever we gather from this journey on Earth, we get to take with us, without the baggage. Releasing expectations and understanding our Christhood free us to have a direct connection with Spirit. Let's use the occasion of Easter to remember Who We Are.

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: "Come to Be"

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