Mystic Magic

Resurrected Consciousness

March 29, 2022 Season 5 Episode 2
Mystic Magic
Resurrected Consciousness
Show Notes

In this solo episode, Rev. Celeste A. Frazier ( explores her Lenten season. There are new discoveries that can only occur in a new mindset. We learn from discomfort. 

Habits tend to become mechanical and less natural. That's the point where they become unappealing. And we don’t know what the effect is of not doing them until we start to stink. When we lose our connection with the Love, the Peace, the Freedom that a spiritual practice gives us, we are left to our own devices. And that’s not good. 

To be resurrected is to be raised from the dead. There are dead things that need to fall away in order for new life to come to be. Here we are in the spring season expecting new growth and thinking that new growth can come without letting go of the old.

Rev. Celeste recounted March 2nd, when the dutiful Catholics stood in front of the train station offering ashes. She saw their masks and put her mask on and moved quickly toward the train. It had been many years since she received ashes. As a child, it was her duty to get ashes. Now she thought: what's the point of that symbolism? She later thought how dare I dismiss an opportunity to connect with ritual in order to remember who I Am. As a human being, I need breadcrumbs to find my way Home.

Home is Spirit. When we are in the wilderness, we forget who we are. Jesus the Christ went through his 40 days of trials, seemingly tempted to trivialize miracles by obeying earthly demands, but instead of succumbing to this mockery of divine providence, he kept his eye on the prize. The prize of course is the Word of God that he awaited and accepted. Divine thoughts comforted him and supported him in returning to Peace.

We in the 21st century do not rely on fairy tales and morality plays as we make life choices. And given the thousands of years of historical conflicts, theological concepts and liturgical guidance, we are mightily armed with the tools to discern truth. Yet we are influenced by social media, news clips and popular mindsets that bring contagious separation vibrations with energy to untether a commitment to oneness with God. 

Several bouts with ants distracted her, pulling her attention away from her intentions. She recalled her capability to focus. With the goal of divine connection, there were too many times that interrupted her commitment to Spirit. Her angels came by way of insight.

The discovery of her missing "DONATE" button was a time of reckoning. Rather than listening to the Presence of God, she had been co-dependent on social media and outer recognition. She realized that her podcast even focused on other’s gifts and knowledge and not that of her own. With the end of Unity Online Radio approaching, she chose to make the next two episodes on UOR be in her voice alone. She began to question what she can know about her own value. 

In the last two months, she had been robbed, hacked and had her phone was displaced by a seeming helper. Connections were being compromised. Trust was being threatened by the confidence schemes of a hacker pretending to be her. She realized that she had not been representing herself! 

In her wilderness, on the road of deception and treacherous distractions, Something was rising. The value of her unique contributions and the benefits to humankind do not lie outside, but within. She was broadcasting external attention. All the while, Spirit was transmitting what her intrinsic value is. 

She remembered why she continues to facilitate A Course in Miracles ( sessions. Her upcoming book includes many principles from the Course. There can be no Love without forgiveness. It is time she forgives herself. She recommitted to connecting with her Essence and intently listening to Its Guidance.

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: Listening

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