Mystic Magic

High Touch, High Tech

March 20, 2022 Season 5 Episode 1
Mystic Magic
High Touch, High Tech
Show Notes

Margaret Agard is a former executive in the high-tech industry, an author, speaker, Christian mystic and reiki healer.  Margaret focuses on helping others change their lives and finding true purpose by turning their to-do lists over to God (higher power/spirit/inner voice). She cleared things out of her life that didn't matter. The more time, energy, money she was willing to give in spite of what she thought were burdens, the more God freed up her time, energy and money to give.

When she was six years old, she met God. She felt Love, Intelligence and a being that she was meeting. Since then, she has spent her life seeking that kind of connection again.

Her definition of a mystic is someone who spends their time and is committed to being in God's Presence and having God's Presence in his or her life. She spends each evening in contemplative prayer as God speaks to her. Throughout the day, she asks herself if she is feeling love toward everyone around her. If she is, she knows that God is present.

 Her story appeals to many who have more to do than time to do it in and want to live their best life. At the time she started this practice, she was a single mother of eight, working full time as the sole financial support for her family. She had returned to university full time to finish the last few credits for her bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She slept less than four hours a night and often woke in a panic worrying about what wasn't getting done. Her previous practice of prioritizing and focusing on the "most important" tasks wasn't working. After turning her to-do list over to God, she "got more done, got more sleep, and had less stress." 
 Her story inspires others to do the same. She spends time writing, helping other people and is prompted to make herself available to do what she loves to do. Her service opportunities have included teaching in Arizona jails and visiting Alaskan native villages, by giving God all day every day. 

When she met her second husband, she realized that there was some healing to do for them and their children from previous marriages.  She asked God for inspiration. The thought came: All will be made whole as the result of this marriage. They committed to support each other in helping other people.  

Her series of books is entitled "In His Footsteps" includes 1) "I Gave My To Do List Over to God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress", 2) We Sold All We Had and Followed as God Created Miracles and New Hearts, and coming soon: " Love: Becoming One with Parker". She nicknames them faith, hope and charity, respectively. 

She is connected to Spirit, available to God and she is present. She takes her understanding and brings Love to other people.  Her website is

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