Mystic Magic

Finding Our Truth

February 28, 2022 Celeste A Frazier Season 4 Episode 12
Mystic Magic
Finding Our Truth
Show Notes

Chris Plourde is a coach, a businessman, a father, and husband. He has worked with top athletes and well-known companies, celebrities, and military special ops. He has mentored many to find their authentic self and create leadership qualities which they can bring to their families, communities and businesses. 

Chris encourages his clients to speak the truth, to say what's on their mind. He works with people on how to let those things out that they've been holding in for so long. For him, it's not just about how we speak to others, but how we speak to ourselves, and understanding that from an emotional intelligence.

As a teenager, Chris put on masks to become this idea of what a masculine man should be, burying his emotions, not feeling. He helps kids understand their emotions, so they know that it's okay to own your feelings. One of the things Chris does is get people into a deep breathwork session that that allows the layers to get peeled off immediately. It's building trust. It's compassion. There's a non-judgment that comes with it. Everyone is going through something, and we just have to understand. 

One of his main workshops is creating loving boundaries for success and happiness. He asks his clients how fulfilled are you in your life? They might have millions but not living their truth. One needs to put up this loving boundary to know it's about your goals, dreams and happiness. Then you are going to be the best version of yourself and be able to give more to your company, family, community, to loved ones, to all of the people around you so that you can be in service.  He thinks that all humans crave to be in service to a greater good. 

He gives people the space and opportunity to make the decisions on their own. The best form of enrolling is talking about the results that you're getting. That lights people up. It's about doing the inner work on ourselves first and foremost. 

When he was growing up, he had this idea of what he should be based upon what was around him growing up. When he got into these places, he realized pretty quickly that there was something missing. He was drained, exhausted and he wasn't excited and passionate about what he was doing. The idea of working with people, serving people, training people, and coaching people made him happy. When he got his first paycheck to work with and train somebody in the fitness industry, he couldn't believe they were paying him that much money to do something he loved to do. This was happiness. This is what he wanted to do, follow his joy. 

When his wife got pregnant, there was an old voice in his head that said go back to corporate America. But he quickly realized that it wasn't what he was meant to do. That wasn't in a space of his power. He made the decision to remove himself from that environment and get back into coaching. And when he did, he was tested. He chose to be deliberate with his intention. Then everything lined up beautifully. The lesson was he let fear and money be his motivators. It was the big lesson to follow his heart and do what he needs to do to contribute to the world, to humans, the earth. There's a joy he gets when he sees somebody get that light bulb or find something with their life that they're supposed to do. He believes all souls are here for a specific reason. He gets to help them see that for themselves. There's just a fulfillment that he can't explain. Our soul has a contract. 

His website is His programs, retreats and workshops are there. You can also reach him on Instagram at Coach Chris Plourde. You can get it a breathwork class on his website. If you want him to coach you one-on-one, you could set up a discovery call from the website to see if you're a fit. 

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: Finding Our Truth.

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