Mystic Magic

Healing In-Sight

February 19, 2022 Season 4 Episode 11
Mystic Magic
Healing In-Sight
Show Notes

Ann Hince had a childhood with plenty of trauma and dysfunction, and she had PTSD well into her 30s as a result of being a child of two alcoholic parents. She became a software engineer, and her unhealed trauma was creating a chaotic life. Years later, she became calm. Now she wants to reach those who want to make inner changes.

There was verbal abuse and emotional trauma when she was growing up. She walked on eggshells. Her Dad had anger issues. She enjoyed being an engineer because it was logical. 
She felt comfortable knowing what was going to happen - unlike her life growing up.

At the age of 19, she found her mother deceased in the bathroom. She didn’t cry at the time because she was taught not to cry. She wasn't aware of all this stuff that she had suppressed. 

She travelled a lot because of her dad’s job in the cable and wireless industry. When she was nine, she was sent to an all-boy boarding school where she was the first girl border. She was ridiculed and further emotionally traumatized.

Later a mother of two boys, her encounters with other parents had her head literally spinning. She sought help from a doctor who used the emotional freedom technique (EFT), also known as tapping. She finally processed the death of her mother from two decades before. She walked away from that appointment, being able to tell the story of her mother’s death without the tears. It felt amazing to actually have something that seemed to make a difference so quickly.

She realized that she’d stored all this energy in her body. She wanted to know that tapping healing wasn't a fluke. Her 17-year-old cat needed a daily shot. When she first gave him a shot, her hand was just shaking because she was so scared. She tapped about her fear of hurting her cat. Then she tapped about her history, memories and the many injections she had many because she lived around the world. The next day, she gave him another shot and her hands did not shake. And she started using tapping daily. Whenever she noticed feeling emotional, she would tap - letting that energy out by using the same points of the meridian systems. 

There is a specific set of points. The first one is the karate chop point on the edge of the hand. The next point is a crown point on the top of the head. Then the beginning of the eyebrows, under the eyes, the chest and finally, about four inches under the arm. Tapping through them while talking about what we're feeling or exactly what we went through is releasing the energy stored in our body. The words just bring that energy into our bodies. And from that memory, the tapping releases the energy. Details of the story will come as we let go of those demons. All the energy around the story is going away. At that point, the energy has lost its charge.

As this was going on, she felt her mind becoming quieter and more peaceful. She felt like she was living in a different reality. 

Through years of allowing her emotions/feelings to be acknowledged and pass through her body, she has developed the ability to sense inside her body. This is what she believes is the original meaning of the word insight - inside-sight.

She has had gamma rays done of her brain. Through this process, the deep release of inner tension has resulted in physical changes - her skull has changed shape and her body is more aligned. She has a sense for how the soul is tied into the body, and how we can release the soul, be more comfortable inside the body, allowing us to tune into Spirit more easily.

Find out more about Ann at See her YouTube channel: Ann Hince - YouTube and find her book on Amazon - "A Pathway to Insight".

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: Healing Insight.

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