Mystic Magic

The Path of Femininity

February 09, 2022 Season 4 Episode 10
Mystic Magic
The Path of Femininity
Show Notes

Ele' de Posson is an intuitive business mentor, healer, speaker and author who helps women, entrepreneurs, leaders and wayshowers run their business and life from their feminine energy so that they can magnetize more wealth while impacting humanity in their unique way. She leads her clients to have a soul-led business and life. 

Her newest book is called “The Path of Femininity: The Six Gifts of your Sovereignty”. It reveals how to lead your life and your business in a way that is fulfilling, intuitive, creative, and easier, especially for women.

An intuitive business mentor, she invites her clients to run their business from their intuition - to be connected to what feels good to their body, what feels open, what feels warm. She invites them to have a lot of down time to hear their intuition and understand the soul’s language. 

She went through a dark night of the soul because she was not in alignment. She moved to Montreal to study energy healing.  She heals with her hands, her mind, her words, her heart and her smile. 

Money is love made visible. When you move into your body more, you are receiving energy. Feminine energy is creative, desire, and sexual energy. Sexual energy and money energy coexist in your root chakra of your spine.  

Ele' has a podcast called Sacred Roots where she teaches spiritual ideas like  how to be in your feminine for your business. She bridges the spiritual world and the business world. 

Ele' went to Israel for spiritual travel, reconnecting with Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.  She went to the cathedral that is built a under cave where Jesus was born. She stood for hours in the heat waiting to  touch the stone where he was born. She became dizzy. Her lower back was painful. She lost her balance and felt sick. A guard took a chair and asked her to wait there. When her friends returned, her teacher said that she was receiving. 

She was reborn at the place where Jesus was born. She stayed there for a very long time. Her legs were shaking. She couldn't get up because her nervous system was completely fired up with all the energy she received in her energy channels, meridians, nadis. When you receive a lot of energy, your body is overwhelmed.  She slept for two days to recover. It was profound and she energetically received an upgrade. She remembered saying to her teacher: I know that you're there. I can see you, but I'm not here. Her teacher said: I know. But you have to come back. Ele' wanted to close her eyes and faint. The teacher asked her to keep her eyes open. Your soul is asking you if you're ready for the journey. Ele' said "I choose to come back". It was scary but beautiful. She was surrendering, but also trying to ground herself. She saw roots coming down from her feet and her root chakra. 

Three years later, she understands what happened. She is the embodying the feminine of receiving, and giving. She has trust in Spirit, and a willingness to allow. She thinks it's important for fulfillment and joy. We’re highly qualified to succeed in our life, and she believes it's by allowing and trusting. We can start to see our purposes, what our gifts are and how we can use them to serve humanity. 

Ele' has a 21-day online course called Embody Your Divine Feminine with daily spiritual practices and exercises to embody the feminine. There are meditations, third eye activations, Reiki for abundance, video teachings about surrendering, connecting with your intuition, being in your authenticity. There are exercises and teachings to activate the six gifts of your feminine, which are authenticity, intuition, magnetism, surrender, receiving and grounding. It is available at 

Listen to Rev. Celeste's poem: "The Path of Feminity".

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